Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) Manager/Officer



Project Title: Emergency Appeal: MDR65006, Population Movement
Location: Dushanbe city, Tajikistan
Title of the Position: Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) Manager/Officer
Type of contract: Individual Contract (national)
Languages required: Tajik and English
Job Description:


Community engagement and accountability (CEA) is essential to help us build the acceptance and trust we need to deliver our lifesaving work. One of the most effective ways of building this trust is to make sure that people always have the ability to engage with us and to guarantee that we will act based on their feedback and needs. For far too long, vulnerable or affected communities have been viewed as recipients of humanitarian aid and development programs rather than active participants in their own future and recovery. But the evidence, experience, and common sense show us that when communities play an active role in designing and managing our programs and operations, the outcomes are more effective and more sustainable.

CAE means:

–         Taking the time to understand a community’s context and listen to people’s needs, thoughts and feelings.

–         Integrating meaningful community participation in our projects—handing over control of our programs and operations to communities as much as possible.

–         Open and honest communication about who we are and what we are doing—ensuring people feel confident and comfortable interacting with our members and services.

–         Setting up trusted feedback mechanisms so we can continually improve our work based on what communities actually want, not what we think they want.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Integrate community involvement and accountability into all national community strategies, values, plans, and policies so that it becomes a standard operating method for all staff and volunteers
  • Provide CEA trainings for RCST staff and volunteers
  • Provide support and mentoring for staff to improve engagement with the community in all projects.
  • Assessments are transparent and participatory and capture a thorough understanding of the context, needs, and appropriate approaches for community engagement
  • Ensure the program/response is designed with the involvement and input of community members, including men, women, boys, girls, and any marginalized groups
  • Ensure plans and budgets include activities and indicators that set out and measure how communities will be engaged
  • Regularly share information about the program/ response with community members, using the best approaches to reach different groups
  • Integrate a community feedback mechanism in the program/response, ensuring feedback is analyzed, responded to, and acted upon
  • Review, adjust, and improve the program/response regularly, based on community feedback and monitoring


  • A resident of the Republic of Tajikistan
  • Abide by 7 principles of movement
  • Experience in research, data collection and analysis, and reporting
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and networking skills, able to build relationships with people at all levels of the organization and with external partners and organizations
  • Strong presentation, facilitation, and training skills
  • Good knowledge of gender and diversity issues
  • Willing for challenges and traveling
  • Ability to work on tight deadlines.

Work location: Dushanbe, with frequent field trips to project-targeted regions.

Please send your CV/Resume (mentioning the position in the subject line) to: Deadline for applications is January 09, 2023.

It should be noted that the applications sent after this date and time will not be taken into consideration.

Kindly note that only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview. RCST does not enter into correspondence with regard to the reasons for non-selection of candidates.