On 26-27 July 2023 under ECHO-PPP, a two-day workshop titled CVAP Mid-Term Review Workshop was held in the RCST Henry Dunant conference hall.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Bahodur Qurboniyon, General Secretary, Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan, where he welcomed all the workshop participants followed by a speech. Having availed himself of the opportunity, the head of the organization spoke about the end of the first year and the implementation of the extraordinary program for more than a year now.

The goal, objectives and content of the workshop were introduced to the participants. The event was successfully conducted by trainers from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Musa Shifaz (Geneva, Switzerland) and Marcin Podlesny (Budapest, Hungary).

Further, according to the workshop schedule, the trainers spoke about the level of readiness of the National Society to deliver cash and voucher assistance, as well as the assessment/analysis of the progress of the State Government’s capacity and readiness to provide cash and voucher assistance, and took into account the opinions of the participants when discussing the issues.

Different exercises within working group were arranged and conducted among the participants to strengthen the knowledge and information received.

On the second day of the workshop (27 July) the RCST DM staff members discussed and analyzed in depth the action plan and identification of the priorities of the RCST on the issue of timely and correct delivery of cash and voucher assistance.


  • Revision of RCST CVA operational levels.
  • Assessment of changes in RCST CVA capacity.
  • Review of Plan of Action and prioritization of activities.
  • Presentation of updated Plan of Action to RCST senior management.


  • Updated RCST CVA operational levels, CVA capacity and Plan of Action


  • RCST Staff involved in the CVA programming, including members of the Technical Working Group, Programs, Logistics, PMER, HR, Finance etc.
  • Representatives of main branches involved in CVA programs implementation.