Conducting a practical exercise at MTU #186 of Rudaki district


On September 6, 2022 in the secondary school No. 186 of the Rudaki district within the framework of the Tajik Red Crescent Society’s project “Strengthening the capacity and enhancing the level of knowledge of the local population on emergency preparedness in Tajikistan”, a practical exercise was held which was supported by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

It was attended by the employees of the central office of the RCST, the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense, the district electricity department, emergency aid, and teachers and students of the above-mentioned educational institution.

During the practical exercise, the students and teachers of the institution were explained how to respond in case of natural disasters, accidents and provide first aid.

After the explanatory work, the participants practiced providing first aid to people injured by natural disasters, accidents and fires. During the exercise, as soon as the alarm was sounded, fire engines, ambulances, fire engines, fire engines, fire engines, and the police entered the scene (the sports field of the educational institution).

According to the evacuation plan, students were taken out of the school to a safe place with the help of volunteers and teachers. From inside the school building, the injured, who was bleeding from his hand, was taken to a safe place by the volunteer, two members of the Central Committee gave him first aid and transferred him to an ambulance. The victim, whose leg bone was broken, was sedated by the volunteers, put a splint on his leg and handed over to the emergency workers through a bee. Also, during the exercise, volunteers provided first aid to a person who was under the wheel of a vehicle due to an accident, and then they transported him to the emergency room in an ambulance.

At the place of the fire, firefighters prepared the necessary tools and extinguished the fire. To help the victim, the volunteers stood far from the fire place, wrapped one victim in a blanket and took him to the volunteers for providing first medical and psychological aid.

Also, the volunteer provided necessary assistance to the persons who was injured as a result of the vehicle hitting a power pole.

At the end of the exercise, all participants were evaluated by the officials.