From 6 to 10 February 2023, a training on Information Management was held at SAFO hotel in Dushanbe. The training was designed for the RCST staff and volunteers, especially ECHO-PPP staff implementing a project titled Accelerating Local Action in Humanitarian and Health Crises, Tajikistan (2022-2025).

The training was attended by RCST HQ staff and RCST staff from Sogd province.

RCST leadership mentioned the main goal of organizing and holding this training to be information management in the further activities in the project target villages.

Facilitators (Trainers) from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Ms. Claudia Jankowska and Mr. Luis Fanovich delivered detailed knowledge on information collection, analysis, editing and use of information technologies, in general, information management in everyday activities.

During the training, professional skills and innovative information was given about information management, i.e. how to start procedures for data collection in Kobo Toolbox application, how to process and analyze data using modern technology.

One of the important tools that participants were trained on was Kobo Toolbox application. Ms. Klaudia Jankowska demonstrated participants how to work with Kobo Toolbox and create various surveys questionnaires applications. Each participant also practically performed the entire process on computer and mobile phone. It is worth to mention that Kobo Toolbox is a free tool for collecting and processing data in various conditions and, which is widely used in humanitarian emergencies around the world.

This app is available for free is an open source software working both online and offline. Majority of users are people working in humanitarian fields to provide professional assistance to people in need, researchers working in developing regions.

They were also divided into groups and performed practical tasks, including data processing, analysis and review of the results of surveys conducted among the population, etc.

After the training, all participants were awarded certificate. As we said, the training was held within the framework of the implementation of the Project Accelerating Local Action in Humanitarian and Health Crises, Tajikistan (2022-2025). Participants of the training will use their acquired knowledge to promote activities in the target cities and districts.

We remind you that the implementation of the project started in the middle of the year of 2022, whereas cities and districts of Sughd region were selected for the implementation of the program.