JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Disaster Law Legal Consultant (local)


Position     Disaster Law Legal Consultant (local)

Project       Disaster Law Reform Project in Tajikistan

Location    Dushanbe / Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan

Duration   4 Months

Background and Justification

Tajikistan ranks 99th in terms of disaster risk globally in 2022.  Its common hazards are mudflow, avalanche, drought and earthquakes. Mudflows cause the highest level of monetary loss, followed by drought. The country also ranked 121st in the global climate-risk index in 2021. While the overall risk rankings are not significantly high, such risks have had a high impact on the sustainable development of Tajikistan, and will continue to do so unless relevant disaster prevention and preparedness measures are implemented.  Part of such measures is legal preparedness for disasters.

The Tajikistan Law on the Protection of the Population and Territories from Natural and Man-made Emergencies is the core legal basis for disaster risk management in the country.  It establishes the responsibilities and authority of the State and the designated agency for disaster risk management (DRM), as well as the rights and responsibilities of communities in preparing for and responding to disasters.  The Law is implemented through various by-laws (e.g. by-laws on customs and taxation). However, there are still some gaps in implementation. For example, there is a lack of by-laws on the standards for requesting and accepting international assistance during disasters, as well by-laws that support government mechanisms for integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures.

The project seeks to establish the Disaster Law program within the regular programing of the National Society, develop the essential skills needed to advocate for legal preparedness for disasters, and provide technical support to Tajikistan government and parliament in strengthening the country’s disaster law framework.

 Further information is provided in the attached Project Description.


The Disaster Law Legal Consultant shall primarily support the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST) and the Committee for Emergency Situations (CoES) in crafting evidence-based legal assessments and recommendations for the reform of the disaster law framework in Tajikistan.  Towards this end, the consultant shall provide support through legal research, analysis and drafting, and support in the facilitation of consultations between RCST, CoES, NPDRR and other relevant stakeholders.

Activities and Outputs

  1. Technical advice and facilitation of the legal assessment and legislative drafting process for Disaster Laws/by-laws

1.1. Conduct legal research, provide legal analysis, and draft legal opinion/recommendation to address the specific issues and gaps in the disaster law framework of Tajikistan

1.2. Support the organization and facilitation of meetings, consultations and peer learning sessions with the RCST, CoES, NPDRR or other inter-agency technical working group (TWG) established for this purpose. The consultations will focus on legal assessment, in order to provide legal and policy advice and ensure effective discussions within the inter-agency TWG and other stakeholders

1.3. Propose concrete and evidence-based recommendations for the disaster law reform implementation roadmap, specifically on the content of proposed laws/by-laws or in the review of existing by-laws;

2. Project coordination: Support coordination between RCST project team, CoES, NPDRR, UN and other partners for the effective implementation of the disaster law reform project

  1. Monitoring of legal/policy process: Closely monitor relevant policy or legislative processes that have an impact on the review and drafting of the by-laws, including where further technical support, dialogue, trainings or research is required.

Timeline and Workload

The expected start date is 2nd week September 2022.

The period of the consultancy agreement is for 4 months, full-time.


  • Tajik National;
  • Degree in Law;
  • At least 15 years work experience in the development of legislation and/or policies in Tajikistan;
  • Has a good understanding of disaster risk management concepts, systems and processes in Tajikistan and internationally;
  • Excellent writing and verbal skills in Tajik, Russian and English;
  • Able to meet deadlines.

Expression of Interest

  1. Expression of interest and proposal (not more than five pages). This should outline in detail the proposed methodology, timeline / Gantt chart, and consultancy fees;
  2. Cover letter (not more than one page) clearly summarizing the applicant’s qualifications.
  3. Contact details of three (3) professional referees;
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  5. A sample of previous written work that is relevant to the topic of this consultancy is preferred.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Interested candidates can submit their documents by email to:

Application deadline: September 5, 2022.