On 19 July 2023 in Khujand city a round table with participation of the representatives of state authority executive bodies in Sughd province dedicated to the Year II of implementation of the project titled “Accelerating Local Action in Humanitarian and & Local Crises” was conducted. The round table was officially opened by Mr. Nurullo Faizalizoda, Deputy to Secretary General, RCST., Mr. Parviz Jabborzoda, Executive Secretary, RCST Sughd province Branch, Mr. Parviz Mahmudov, Regional Program Manager, German Red Cross (leading agency for ECHO-PPP in Tajikistan), Mr. Fakhriddin Karimov, ECHO-PPP Project Manager, representatives of different state-run agencies, including CoES, Education Department, Health Department of Sughd province, and etc. delivered their speeches.

The round table began with an opening part and presentation of the goals and objectives of the project implementation and the purpose of launching the round table.

Then the round table continued to be conducted according to its schedule related to a number of important topics, including the official launch of the Year II of the project titled “Accelerating Local Action in Humanitarian and & Local Crises”. Ms. Dilorom Mirova, Deputy to Secretary General delivered a presentation (online) about CBS (community-based surveillance). In particular, it was mentioned that the project, which has been running for more than a year now financially supported by the Directorate General of the Humanitarian Office of the European Union (DG-ECHO) first, and development partners, including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the German Red Cross, the Finnish Red Cross and the Italian Red Cross is being implemented by the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan.

The project has being implemented in 7 towns and districts of Sughd province, which were selected as a pilot. In each and one town and district 2 program staff are recruited and are engaged by the project. The implementation of the project covers a total of 3 communities from each town and district and 21 communities in all 7 towns and districts of Sughd province.

It is worth mentioning that the implementation of this project is carried out by the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan together with local authorities, and this good initiative of the Society and development partners was welcomed by the relevant authorities.

During the work of the round table, the activities of the last year of the project and the plans for the second year were discussed.

During the round table, a good amount of the work was fulfilled in small groups to improve ways of the project implementation and cooperation, and the participants were divided into separate groups and performed the assigned tasks.

After the completion of the group assignments, the results, useful suggestions and recommendations were presented to the participants. After the questions and answers, the results of the round table were drawn, and various suggestions for further activities were presented by the participants. The round table completed; according to the results bilateral cooperation should be established and upcoming plans will be implemented effectively based on the people’s needs.