Job vacancy: Project Coordinator of the Forecast-based Financing (FbF) project


Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan announces a job vacancy for the position of  Project Coordinator of the Forecast-based Financing (FbF) project

Project commencement and completion dates:

EAP on Heatwave, 03.11. 2021 – 21.12.2026

EAP on Cold wave, preliminary from 01.12.2022 – 30.11.2027

Duty station: Dushanbe, Tajikistan


Forecast-based Financing (FbF) is a programme that enables access to humanitarian funding for early action based on in-depth forecast information and risk analysis. The goal of FbF is to anticipate disasters, prevent their impact, if possible, and reduce human suffering and losses.

A key element of FbF is that the allocation of financial resources is agreed in advance, together with the specific forecast threshold that triggers the release of those resources for the implementation of early actions that are defined in the Early Action Protocol (EAP) on heatwave and cold wave for Tajikistan. The goal of the project is based on predicting natural disasters with a high probability and preventing their impact as far as possible.


Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST) is well positioned in the country in terms of both preparedness and readiness to respond to a wide range of natural disasters that regularly hit the country, causing economic and human losses.

Beginning from 2019, the successful implementation of FbF piloting interventions (on heatwave and cold wave) in Tajikistan has equipped RCST with the extensive experience in coordination and cooperation with local and national authorities during an extreme weather event as well as it has as considerably strengthened the operational capacity of RCST in response to disasters. The results of implementation of early actions achieved so far, demonstrated ability of the RCST to respond to disasters effectively and efficiently and at the same time rapidly pursuant to the timelines agreed in the EAP for both events. The readiness of RCST is evident from existence of up-to-date strategic documents, plans, strategies etc. aiming at guiding emergency preparedness, early actions, and response. This implementation is expected to be conducted taking into account previous in-country piloting experience and best practices.


The Project Coordinator agrees to act in accordance with the best commitment in mind, which may require him/her to present the best of the skills and experience interest to perform all the duties required of the position. In carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position, he/she agrees to adhere to any and all policies, procedures, rules, regulations as administered by the RCST (Red Cross and Red Crescent) principles. In addition, the Project Coordinator agree to abide by all governmental laws while employed by the RCST and shall be expected to work full-time.


Under direct supervision of the Head of Disaster Management Department of RCST, the incumbent will have the main responsibilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Responsible in overall management, monitoring and reporting of the projects directly implemented by RCST in accordance with approved Project Grant Agreements, Integration Agreement with IFRC, Memorandum of Understanding, Action Plans, Budgets and donor regulations.
  • Liaise with relevant RCST departments and RCST branches in all FbF project implementation as required by the project and Partner National Societies (PNSs).
  • Ensure that the procurement procedures are clearly understood and strictly followed as required by the Project Grant Agreements.
  • Ensure the project budget (funds) are monitored and utilized solely for the activities as described in Project Grant Agreement (PGA) signed between IFRC and RCST with regard to Provision of Funding to the National Society for the Early Action protocols.
  • Cooperate with Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Republic of Tajikistan (Hydromet) and the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (CoES) based on the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Ensure to collect and analyze relevant data on past and present exposure, vulnerability, reports, analysis according to FbF Practioners’ Guidance to keep EAPs up to date.
  • Coordinate the development of mechanism/program to combine predictive data and other information for the EAP trigger system.
  • Organize and facilitate joint meetings of working groups with the Hydromet / RCST / CoES and other DRR stakeholders to determine and select the intervention zone for each extreme weather event.
  • Assessing the impact of past extreme events and studying possible early actions. (Study of small- and large-scale extreme heatwave and cold waves, including frequencies, magnitudes, exposure, and impact).
  • Organize and facilitate the workshops on evidence-based research and early actions.
  • Exchange of experience with IFRC, PNSs and FbF Partners.
  • Adapt relevant data and knowledge into FbF requirements.
  • Visit project sites of target communities in Tajikistan to provide monitoring and evaluation required by the project and support RCST branch staff with technical advice for improvement on project interventions.
  • Develop project reports as set forth in the PGA.
  • Participate in project related events and web conferences, related to FbF and DRR, as required.
  • Other activities necessary for the successful implementation of the projects.
Education Required Preferred
University degree ˅  
Further qualification in appropriate fields   ˅
Proven English verbal and written English translation skills ˅  
Experience Required Preferred
Experience in working with Red Cross and Red Crescent   v
Experience in working with humanitarian organizations ˅  
Experience in writing narrative reports in English ˅  
Minimum three years of experience in disaster risk management, natural resource management, resilience building, early warning, and other relevant projects management, forecast based financing, anticipatory actions v  
Proven very good planning and coordination, designing, communication, budgeting and organizational skills for field operations v  
Knowledge and skills Required Preferred
Appropriate experience using Office 365 related to administration and finance   ˅
Proactive skills in training people and design and development of projects   ˅
Strong sense of responsibility and commitment ˅  
Excellent interpersonal communication skills ˅  
Flexibility, multitasking, ability to work in team in a supportive and cross-functional way ˅  
Languages Required Preferred
Fluently spoken and written Tajik ˅  
Fluently spoken and written English ˅  
Fluently spoken and written Russian ˅  
  1. These terms of reference is the main document defining a set of functions and requirements for the implementation of the FbF Projects in Tajikistan by the Project Coordinator.

Further information related to the project can be found at:

work location: Dushanbe, with frequent field trips to project targeted regions.

Please send your CV/Resume and motivation letter (mentioning position in the subject line) to all three emails:, and

Deadline for applications is 17:00, July 9, 2023. It should be noted that the applications sent after this date and time will not be taken into consideration.

Kindly note that only short listed candidates will be invited for an interview. RCST does not enter into correspondence with regard to the reasons for non-selection of candidates.