National Society Logistics Development (NSLD) Adviser – Role Profile


Job Title: National Society Logistics Development Adviser
Classification Level Only applicable for positions classified by the IFRC Job Classification Committee
Immediate Supervisor’s Title RCST Secretary General
Number of Direct Reports
(if applicable) 1 ( Detailed Analysis and Design guided by IFRC NSLD tools and Methodologies )
Number of Indirect Reports
(if applicable) N/A
Deadline: August 04, 2022

Organizational context (where the job is located in the Organization)
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (the Movement) is the world’s largest humanitarian network. Neutral and impartial, it endeavors to prevent and alleviate human suffering – in particular during times of disaster and conflicts.
The Movement is made up of millions of committed volunteers, supporters and staff spanning almost every country and territory in the world. It has three main components:
• The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
• The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (the Federation)
• 190 member Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (National Societies)
Aiming to foster collaboration, learning, mutual support and guidance harmonization, a dedicated working group for support in Logistics Development was established in 2018 among National Societies, the IFRC and the ICRC. One of the deliverables of that group is a common Movement approach for National Society Logistics Development (NSLD), aligned to the National Society Development Framework, IFRC 2013. It relies on 10 principles to guide a process that aims to have the Host National Society in the center, driving its own development—a customized solution to the specific needs of each NS— with coordinated external support—when needed— from other Movement members and non-Movement partners, while considering logistics as a support function that should be part of an integrated National Society-wide development plan.
A shared common methodology enables interoperability among Movement members, pooling resources together, complementing and supporting National Societies in a more efficient way, depending on which organisation is best placed in each specific country or context.
With an intension to assess the degree of institutional readiness for an effectively respond to disaster and crisis, the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST) last December 2021 undertook a self-assessment exercise to be aware of the capacities across its different institutional function. The organisation got an indication of the need to further develop capacities in the areas of procurement, fleet management and warehouse management at national level (Headquarter, Reginal, provincial and district levels)”

Job purpose
The National Society Logistics Development (NSLD) approach is primarily a change process by which it is envisioned that National Societies have adequate logistics capacities and resources to support its mission of delivering protection and assistance services to people who are vulnerable in their territories, as auxiliary to the public authorities in their humanitarian work. It is part of a broader IFRC approach to accompany National Societies on their own journeys of institutional development and strengthening, ensuring that they are not only effective today, but that they are influencing – and prepared for – the future.
The NSLD methodology assumes that a suitably skilled technical Logistics Adviser will be available in country during the Orientation Phase (approx. 1 week) and Analysis and Design Phase (approx. 4 weeks), to help guiding the process and advising on a range of possible solutions that could be analysed or considered by the National Society requesting external support to build a Logistics Development Plan of Action.

Role (Job Requirements)

Job duties and responsibilities
The Advisor, during an Orientation phase, helps a National Society to understand and to decide whether (or not) the Logistics Development approach is the right process for that organisation now or in the future, and what scope would be more appropriate (short-term, long-term, one specific logistics sub-domain or a more integrated supply chain approach).
During an analysis and design phase, the Adviser is expected to help the National Society outlining the different options for the ideal supply chain strategy, the potential funding needed for each option (reflecting both one-off investments and running costs) and selecting the most suitable solutions given the organisation’s existing and potential resources. This role assists a National Society to build a robust Logistics Development Plan, a key deliverable and tool that: provides the organisation with a clear idea of the journey it requires to strengthen its logistics capacities; supports setting its internal priorities in its National Society-wide plans to develop the organisation (allocating the limited funds and personnel), and facilitates explaining a development roadmap to its partners when looking for additional resources.
As such, this role requires excellent team building, empowering, coaching, advising, analytical skills and supply chain technical expertise.

Key tasks and responsibilities
During the Orientation Phase:
 Lead the Orientation Phase, ensuring that there are clear Terms of Reference for that phase and that a scoping missing report is produced.
 Assist the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST) governance and management in reviewing/clarifying which organisational changes the entity is aiming or could think of in order to remain relevant in the country.
 Explain the RCST’s governance and management what is the Logistics Development change process about and which benefits it could offer to the organisation.
 Based on the outcome of the orientation, advise whether to engage or not in a Logistics Development process, and helps defining its scope.
 Support National Society to establish interlinks with other Development processes (ex. OCAC, PER), advocating for a holistic National Society Development Plan.

During the Analysis and Design Phase:
 Support RCST with co-leading this phase, ideally only as external adviser and technical expert.
 Encourage thinking out-of-the-box when analysing demands / needs and considering potential supply chain solutions, using examples or best practices from other Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies or organisations.
 Support developing a supply chain strategy for the RCST in order to provide strategic planning for efficient supply chain services to all programs. It includes the elements of structure, organization, resources and assets, capabilities, procedures, communication and information, management, HR profiles and budgeting in alignment of programs and other support services.
 Support drafting a RCST Logistics Development Plan, advising on the use of a phased approach (if applicable).
 Support cost / benefit analysis as the basis for RCST decision making during the design of the Logistics Development Plan.
 Support creating a baseline for the NS Logistics Capacity to enable later on to measure the change in logistics capacities over the time.
 Report to IFRC NSLD regional coordinator (or equivalent focal point) the lessons learned during the Analysis and Design Phase, including customised / developed tools that might be incorporated in the NS Logistics Development Toolkit.
 Help liaising with existing and potential new partners of the RCST. Advocate for an information sharing and collaborative environment with other Movement partners in country, aiming to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of the collective support to the efforts made by the RCST to self-develop.
 Provide logistics technical advice using a coaching/mentoring approach with the objective of empowering the RCST to take the lead of its own organisational development.
 Supports the RCST with strategic thinking and planning.

Duties applicable to Logistics Adviser
1. Actively work towards the achievement of the ToR objectives
2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles
3. Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager

Profile (Position Requirements)
Education Required Preferred
Professional qualification in supply chain, logistics or equivalent experience ¤
IFRC’s World of Red Cross and Red Crescent (WORC) and International Mobilization and Preparation for Action (IMPACT) course, or equivalent experience ¤
Advanced university degree in Social sciences, Management, International development or other relevant areas of study in organizational development, or equivalent experience ¤
Experience Required Preferred
5 years experience of in a wide variety of logistics roles and activities, including procurement, contracting, transport management, warehouse management, stock control, distribution and convoying, workshop management and customs clearance ¤
3 years of work experience in the humanitarian or development sector ¤
3 years of experience in member-based / volunteer-based organizations ¤
3 years of experience in providing logistics services and supply chain management in emergency response operations ¤
Proven experience to carry out logistics capacity assessments ¤
Experience in managing/supporting organizational development ¤
Experience in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement ¤
Knowledge and Skills Required Preferred
Strongly founded in the IFRC concept of National Society development and system dynamics ¤
Proficient in organizational renewal and organizational and capacity development in complex organizations ¤
Proficient in coaching, mentoring and knowledge transfer ¤
Proficient in strategy, policy and roadmap development ¤
Proficient in change management ¤
Advanced innovative thinking and analytical ability ¤
Demonstrated capacity to work with sensitivity in a multi-cultural environment ¤
Proficient in gaining agreement from partners to support ideas ¤
Project management skills ¤
Ability to work in a cross-functional environment ¤
Strong interpersonal skills and a good understanding of the global organization ¤
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to provide authoritative advice ¤
Ability to work to tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks ¤
Proficient in report writing ¤

Languages Required Preferred
English ¤
Tajik ¤
Russian ¤

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Deadline: August 04, 2022